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Planning Picture Day


Director/Owner Name *
Director/Owner Name
Indicate the person we will have main communication with if different from the Owner/Director.
School Address
School Address
Number of children that will be photographed.
Number of teachers and/or staff that will be photographed.
What date(s) and time(s) work best for your school?
Compile a schedule indicating the time each class will be photographed (beginning and end), the number of children in each class, class name and the ages of the children. EXAMPLE Tuesday 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM - (13 kids) Monkeys ages 2 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM - (18 kids) Elephants ages 18 months Wednesday 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM - (12 kids) Giraffes ages 3 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - (20 kids) Wolves ages 1 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM - (8 kids) Infants under 1 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM - Sibling pictures
We will have a few school-themed props including books, a school sign and a chair. What would you like the sign(s) to say? List as many as needed to include all your age groups.
Posters are 16" x 20" and are a great way to remind parents about picture day coming up.

additional information

Communication to parents

To ensure your parents receive information and details about picture day we will provide you with emails, posters and fliers for distribution. It’s critical we have your help sending out the information in a timely manner to give parents plenty of time to prepare and arrange schedules accordingly.


There will be 5 emails to send out to parents. We will compose them and send them to you. You’ll simply forward them to all your parents:

  1. As soon as picture day is scheduled - this will provide parents with all the details about picture day including the date, time, backdrop, props, package information and other dates  like when they will receive their gallery and deadlines to order pictures. With this information they can put picture day on their calendar and start to plan outfits. 

  2. One week before picture day - this will have a reminder of the date of picture day, a link to our website with details, package pricing, a picture of the backdrop and tips to help them prepare their child for picture day.

  3. The day before picture day - this will include a reminder about picture day the next day and a couple tips to help prepare their child for the next day.

  4. The following Monday after picture day - this will include a thank you to parents, reminders about when their child’s gallery will be available online for viewing, the deadline for ordering prints, when their gallery will expire and the dates of retakes/makeups.

  5. Two weeks after picture day - this will remind parents to check their email so they can receive access to their child’s online gallery, the deadline for ordering prints, the date prints will be available at the school for pickup and when their gallery will expire.

Picture day setup

We will need at least an 8’x 12’ area for the backdrop and studio lights. Please have this area prepared and cleared the morning of picture day for quick setup. We will need access to an outlet. Natural light is not necessary as we have a studio light. The studio setup will be taken down after the session is done. In cases where we will be photographing multiple days, it is preferred to leave the studio setup in place until all students have had their pictures taken. 

Class Picture

In most cases we do a collage of the class using a headshot of each student and teacher. The class picture will include the name of the school, each child’s first name and the current year. You will receive a digital version of each class picture. 

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During the sessions

Each child’s session will be 5 minutes or less. We’ll take a traditional headshot and then use the various props to get additional pictures. Please plan an activity that will occupy the students as they rotate in and out for their picture time. We’ll need the teacher’s help to keep the progression flowing. With young classes it’s VERY helpful to have an energetic helper who can help get smiles and giggles from hesitant kids. Sometimes a little tickle, playing peek a boo, singing a silly song or doing a funny dance helps so much. It’s very helpful if you inform teachers beforehand that we could use their help and be engaged as possible to help get natural expressions.

After picture day

Parents will be able to view their pictures two weeks following picture day. They will receive an email with a link to access their child’s unique gallery. Here they can purchase both high-resolution digital images and prints in various sizes. 

One of the emails you will be sending out will have these instructions for parents so they know how to access their pictures even if they’ve overlooked the email we sent to them.


Parents will have access to the online gallery for one month. The first two weeks they can order both digital and printed images. After the first two weeks, the gallery will still be online, but they’ll only have the option to order digital images. A minimum order of $15 is required for each order. 

Digital images are emailed to parents immediately after placing their online order. The download link expires in 7 days so if a parent fails to download their images within that time simply tell them to contact us and we’ll resend the download link.

Print orders will be delivered to your school 6 weeks after picture day. Please distribute these orders to parents as soon as possible.   


All payments will be done directly within the gallery so neither you nor us will handle any money. We do not have access to parent’s credit card information. Cards are processed through the Stripe e-commerce platform. Sales tax is included when ordering prints only.

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Sibling Pictures

If you have siblings who attend your school we will schedule a session on picture day separate from the regular schedule. This helps us to stay on schedule and still be able to accommodate sibling pictures. Parents will be asked to fill out a form ahead of time that will be included in one of the emails. If you’d like to have a Sibling Picture session please indicate it on the form above.

Retakes/makeup Pictures

We will offer retake and makeup sessions at our home studio in South Jordan at various times March - May. This information will be included in the emails you’ll be sending to parents that will also include a link for them to register. The dates of these sessions are:

  • The 3rd Wednesday and Thursday of each month

  • The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month

Parents must register with us 3 days prior to the session to ensure availability. This is also a great opportunity for parents to have their other children photographed who don’t attend your school. Children who attend your school will be photographed for free. There will be a $15 sitting for each additional sibling.


You’ll receive a complimentary high-resolution digital class picture as well as one digital file of each student. These will be delivered via Dropbox 2 months after picture day. They will be accessible for 1 month so please save them within that time.

Parent questions

Please refer any parent questions directly to us via email or phone (801) 618-6072.

What we need from you

  1. Pass out fliers and send emails to parents with details about picture day. We’ll provide both the emails and fliers. 

  2. Hang posters in a prominent location around your school.

  3. Send us a digital master list (excel or pdf) with class names, teacher’s names (how you’d like them on the class picture i.e. Miss Melissa, Miss Smith, Ms. Melissa, etc.), student’s names (how you’d like them on the class picture), parent’s names, phone numbers and email addresses. Student’s names should be listed first name last name.

  4. Prior to the session, prepare a minimum 8’x12” room and allow 30 minutes prior to the session start time for us to set up.

  5. Review details of the contract and sign and return it to us. This will be emailed to you soon.