what to expect during your family mini session & after

My Fall Family Minis are at Antelope Island this year! It’s a drive so give yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive on time. Here’s the link for the directions.

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Preparing for the Session

Choosing what each family member is going to wear is the biggest thing to consider. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you find the right fit for everyone: 

  1. Plan your outfits in advance. The more time you allow yourself to plan your outfits, the less stressed you’ll be. Plus, it never hurts to have options especially when you’re dressing your kids.

  2. Consider your family’s style. If your family is more casual and dressing up is not your thing, choose casual and more comfortable clothing including shorts and stylish tennis shoes. If dressing up fits your style, then skirts and suits even in an outdoor setting can look very classy and beautiful. 

  3. Choose coordinating colors, not matching. Start off with colors that coordinate well. You can accomplish a cohesive look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit. By selecting a color scheme and using hues that complement each other, you can achieve a more natural look across the board. Pick two main colors and then add softer tones to accent and complete your color scheme. Neutral colors to consider adding to your two main colors are gray, navy, tan, beige, cream.

  4. Consider your home decor. You’ll want to consider your home decor style when picking out what to wear in family photos. Since a few of these photos will most likely be hanging in your home and on display for a long time, make sure that the clothing you select blends in seamlessly with the color scheme of your home.

  5. Keep location in mind. Another helpful item to consider when trying to decide what to wear in your family photos is the location of your photoshoot. Are you going to be on the beach where there are plenty of neutral tones or under a tree surrounded by bright fall foliage? Select a color palette for your outfits that will complement the setting. Pick out items of clothing in colors that will complement your background and not compete with it.

  6. Use the season to help select color schemes for your outfits. Each season is associated with different colors which is something to consider when picking out what everyone will be wearing.

  7. Choose practical clothing items. This is an important item to keep in mind for every family member but, especially when you are thinking about what to dress your little ones in. Being comfortable in their clothes will help them move freely and allow them to just be themselves. 

  8. Pick out accessories to add texture to your photos. Accessories are great style pieces that add to your individual outfits and can even tie family members’ outfits together. For example, if Dad is wearing a red and black plaid vest then adding a plaid hat to your daughter’s outfit will tie the pattern in for a more cohesive feel. Accessories will also give your photos variation. Think scarves, hats, gloves and belts.

  9. Limit distracting patterns and large logos. Articles of clothing with multiple patterns or large logos can become a distraction. Stick with subtle prints and textures and you’ll be golden. 

  10. Lay each family member’s outfit together while planning so you can get a good idea about how the pieces will look next to each other. This will allow you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Plus, this way, you can make sure that you’re not missing any essential clothing items.

  11. Select outfits that will make for a timeless portrait. If all else fails, when you look in your closet to find the perfect family portrait outfits think about staying classic. You’ll want your photos to be timeless. Styles come and go but, your photos are forever.

  12. Have fun playing stylist and let your family’s personality shine. 

Here is a Pinterest board that can help you in your decisions and give you some inspiration.

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During the Session

You’ve worked hard getting everyone looking their best so once you arrive you can relax and turn the worrying over to me. I will do my best to ensure everyone’s hair looks okay and that shirts are tucked in throughout the session… so your job is to stay calm and relaxed.

During my mini sessions I do at least two family poses, a pose with all the kids together, the kids individually and mom and day together. Then as many other combinations you’d like during the 30 minutes.

I like to avoid making kids “smile” or “say cheese”, but rather direct them in their interaction to get genuine expressions. Getting a little grin or laugh is the ultimate goal. It’s super helpful if you can think of a few things beforehand that gets each child to giggle or laugh whether it’s a funny memory, a favorite song, stinky feet, mom and dad shaking their bums and doing a silly dance… whatever creates a laugh.

You can also consider bringing a few favorite things like a snuggle blanket the whole family loves, a favorite stuffed animal of your little one, everyone’s favorite hat, a colorful umbrella, a fun chair that’s timeless and nostalgic, jump ropes, etc.

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After the Session 

I am a shoot and share photographer meaning I take a whole bunch of pictures, edit them so they look amazing, and then send you all the best images for you to do what you’d like with them.

How many pictures will I receive?
I take a lot so you’ll get a lot (at least 30 high-resolution digital images).

When will I get my pictures?
Please allow 4 weeks for images to be edited and delivered.

How will I get my pictures?
A link to your gallery will be emailed to you. If you'd like the images mailed on a memory stick, it will be an additional $40.

What can I do with my pictures?
First and foremost—download them and store them in two places for safe-keeping (on a memory stick and an external hard drive are a couple suggestions). Post them to social media (I would appreciate it if you’d use the watermarked web-version and/or give me photo credit https://www.facebook.com/nickiegdp/ or https://www.instagram.com/nickiegdesignphotography/), print them at a photo lab of your choice or put them in a beautiful album to display around your home. You can also send your gallery to family and friends for them to download and share.

Can you help me print my pictures?
Most definitely! I use a professional photo lab for all my prints. They are beautifully textured to help your images pop when on display and printed on age-resistant photo paper to preserve them for years and years. Also, consider print options outside the norm like gallery wraps, metallic prints, wood prints and framed prints.

I’ve attached a print pricing list so you can determine what prints you’d like to buy after the session. Many of these can be purchased directly from the gallery. But if you don’t see what you’d like just contact me and we’ll chat more details.


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Any Questions 

My hope is to make my photography sessions fun, memorable and stress-free for you and your family so please don't hesitate to call, email, or text with any questions. I’ll touch base a couple days before your session to see if you need any other help with your outfits or if you have any questions. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you soon!

(801) 618-6072